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Piano lessons are a popular choice for students of all ages and ability levels. Piano lessons at the Cincinnati Music Academy provide an excellent foundation for learning to play any instrument.  The piano is an instrument that can be played casually or explored to great depths in a variety of styles. The talented teachers that comprise the piano faculty at Cincinnati Music Academy offer a variety of piano lessons options, described below. Students range in experience from beginners to advanced.

The piano can accommodate all hand sizes. Adjustable benches or booster cushions and footstools allow young children to sit with confidence, both during lessons and practice time at home. For adults, learning to play piano has proven time and again to have significant health benefits, including mental acuity (memory, focus, concentration), social, and as a natural distraction to pain and grief.

What’s a good age to start piano lessons?

Children as young as age 4 are ready to start if a parent is dedicated to coming to every lesson and practicing with the child at home. The Suzuki method is a popular way for young students to learn. If you want your child to be more independent with piano lessons, you’ll want traditional lessons. A child is ready for traditional lessons he or she knows how to read.

Am I too old to learn?

CMA has a large population of adult students, some who study privately, and others who participate in our recreational group piano classes, which we offer exclusively for adult piano students. Numerous health and medical studies have proven than learning new skills, including music lessons, helps reduce stress, depression, pain, and may help delay memory loss.

Do I need a piano at home to start lessons?

Every students needs to have either a piano or keyboard at home before starting lessons. We recommend acoustic pianos for private lessons, and keyboards for the recreational classes. Practicing at home is the only way to develop your skill. Be sure to place the piano or keyboard in a room which will allow you to practice without disturbing other people at home, i.e. don’t put the piano in the same room as the big TV everybody likes to watch. We are happy to recommend options for purchasing or renting both acoustic and digital pianos.

The piano department of Cincinnati Music Academy is supervised by CMA co-owner Amy Immerman, and run by Natasha Pence, Assistant Director, Piano and Keyboards.

To contact the Piano Department, email or call 513-891-7714.

Piano Lessons Options

Suzuki Piano
Suzuki lessons are geared toward students as young as age 4. The Suzuki method is also called the “Mother Tongue” approach because students learn to play first, and then learn to read music later, just as we teach children how to speak. The Suzuki method requires a dedicated parent to attend every lesson, and practice daily with the student at home.

Traditional Piano Lessons
Traditional piano lessons are geared toward students of all ages who will learn independently.  For a child, the parent may choose to sit in on the lesson, but it is not required. The parents’ role for the young traditional student is to help the student establish a daily routine of practicing at home, provide an inviting environment at home for the student to practice, and transport the child to and from lessons.

Pop, Jazz, & Improv Piano Lessons
CMA offers pop, jazz, and improvisation lessons to teenagers and adults. Our instructors can help students prepare for being in a band, school jazz ensemble auditions and performances. Learn how to read from fake books, real books, learn chords, accompaniment styles, and how to improvise.

Founding School: Royal Conservatory of Music
Many of our teachers participate in this nationally esteemed curriculum, founded by the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. CMA is proud to be a Founding School of the Royal Conservatory.

College auditions preparation
Several of our instructors are especially gifted in helping students prepare for college auditions. Students considering majoring in piano should start working on their audition repertoire no later than their sophomore year of high school.

Adult Piano Classes
Enjoy Recreational Music Making in a stress free class environment. Classes are offered for both beginning students and those with prior experience. A variety of keyboard related classes, including improvisation, chords, and composition are also offered. Click here for more information.


Many of the piano teachers at CMA are active in the local music community, and offer recitals, outside performance and evaluation opportunities, and enter students in competitions. Some teachers also offer occasional group lessons and other activities.


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Study Options

  • Lessons for ages 4 and up
  • Lessons for adults, all levels
  • Suzuki & Traditional Lessons
  • Lessons seven days a week
  • Serious students & hobbyists
  • College and competition prep
  • Jazz, pop & improv
  • Recitals for children
  • Social functions for adult students


Chinese — Xiaoming Zhu
Spanish – Dr. Olga Rua

Piano: Faculty

Natasha Pence


Natasha Pence is an active teacher and pianist in the Greater Cincinnati area. She earned her Bachelor of Music degree in piano performance from Eastern Kentucky University and … Learn More »

Amy Rose Immerman

CMA Founder

Amy Immerman is one of Cincinnati’s most active and well-known piano teachers, specializing in traditional and recreational lessons. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and a … Learn More »

Brian Batchelor-Glader enjoys teaching traditional piano lessons to children and adults from beginning to intermediate classical piano and advanced jazz piano. He is a professional gigging musician in … Learn More »

Penny Bogard McDaniel has been teaching Suzuki and Traditional piano in the Cincinnati area for more than 30 years, and is experienced with students of all ages. Originally … Learn More »

Larry Feldner holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Composition from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Master of Music degree in Composition from the University of Cincinnati College … Learn More »

Cincinnati native Teresa Glenn began her official music study at the age of six. Years of experience in teaching piano has enhanced her own indelible love of music.… Learn More »

Melinda Hickman has a passion for helping people work toward their musical goals. She enjoys teaching students of all ages and skill levels, from beginner to very advanced.

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Loretta Graner enjoys helping people of all ages and ability find joy in reaching their musical potential. Lessons focus on acquisition of the technical, cognitive, and artistic skills Learn More »

As a composer, jazz and classical pianist, and freelance arranger, James has a diverse musical background which inspires his teaching of classical and jazz piano, improvisation and composition. … Learn More »

Mary Nerren is a Cincinnati-based pianist specializing in collaborative piano and private music lessons. She promotes a classical music foundation that provides technical skills transferable to many genres … Learn More »

Irene Reising


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