Piano Instructor



Xiaoming Zhu

Xiaoming Zhu (Shao-ming Choo, aka “Mr. Z”) started his piano journey at the tender age of 3-1/2 in his native country of China. At age 12, he was accepted into the Sichuan Conservatory of Music in China, the biggest music conservatory worldwide. At age 18, he moved to Cincinnati with a full scholarship to study piano performance at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. CCM is ranked as one of the top five music schools nationwide. At CCM, Mr. Zhu earned two Bachelor degrees (Piano Performance and Music Education) and a Masters degree in Piano Performance.

Mr. Zhu embraces teaching by helping students expand intellectually and emotionally through music. He keeps his teaching current by attending workshops and being active with music teacher associations. Patience and a sense of humor help to keep the lessons enjoyable. Individual curriculums are developed to meet each student’s needs.

Mr. Zhu is passionate for everything related to teaching. He is versed in multiple learning styles and is flexible in adjusting teaching methods to match each student’s needs. His goal is to provide students a comfortable environment in which maximum productivity can be achieved. His approach is positive; his teaching style is filled with patience.

Mr. Zhu worked with Cincinnati Children’s Choir for two years and since 2004, has dedicated himself to piano teaching. His students participate in competitions, festivals, and enjoy great success in music making.

Mr. Zhu is a gifted and highly accomplished pianist, and a winner of international and national piano competitions. Zhu’s achievements in the Missouri Southern International Piano Competition and the German Ettlingen International Piano Competition are of major significance. Mr. Zhu has participated and received numerous awards in competitions around the world, including China, Hong Kong, Canada, and United States. In 1998, Mr. Zhu published a CD in Canada, and his concert Autumn of the Nation, has been broadcasted by Sichuan Broadcasting and Television Station in China. Associate Conductor of New York Philharmonic, Xian Zhang recognized Zhu as “an artist and great pianist of incredible ability who has risen to the top of his field”. She described Zhu’s performance technique as “superb, his artistry impeccable, his playing mature and deep”.