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The Woodwinds Department at Cincinnati Music Academy specializes in classical, jazz, and contemporary instruction for beginners through advanced students. We also offer recorder lessons to introduce younger children to playing a wind instrument.

Styles of Teaching:

Lessons address basic playing skills including rhythm, note reading, technique, tone and intonation, and interpretation. An emphasis is placed on developing a comfortable playing position with a relaxed embouchure and good hand position. Repertoire will include technical studies, etudes, solo repertoire, chamber music and orchestral excerpts.

More Information:
If you have questions that aren’t answered here, or would like to inquire about woodwind lessons for your children or yourself, please write or call (513) 891-7714.

What’s special about CMA?

CMA is unique from most music schools in that its entire faculty operates independently. Rather than micro-managing each student and studio, CMA gives its teachers the freedom to develop a more personal relationship with students and families. As a result, CMA is home to some of the most experienced and highly regarded private teachers in the region.

The benefit to students is easily apparent. In a field where many inexperienced and unqualified teachers can simply make a website or place an ad to make extra cash on the side, CMA is a school where the teachers have dedicated their careers to music education and take pride in the success of their students.

CMA studios are very spacious, professionally cleaned, and allow seating for family members to observe lessons.

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What we offer:

  • Teachers for kids, teens, & adults
  • Lessons for complete beginners
  • Intermediate & advanced lessons
  • Classical, jazz, & contemporary
  • School band & orchestra prep
  • Audition prep

Woodwinds: Faculty

Danielle Hundley


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