Clarinet Instructor



Dr. Laura Sabo

Laura Sabo is a classically trained musician who has crossed to the dark side of improvised music and never wants to go back, except occasionally when she gets to perform with wonderful ensembles such as the West Virginia Symhony Orchestra, the Richmond Symphony Orchestra, and Concert:Nova. She fell in love with music as a child when she would sneak into the basement after dinner to spend hours listening to old records. Her impatience chose saxophone as her first instrument in fourth grade simply because the line for flute was too long. Although she was reduced to tears when her private lesson teacher forced her to switch to clarinet, it has proven a fateful match.

Her teachers have included members of the Cleveland Orchestra and Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. She has received degrees in music from the Ohio State University, Cleveland Institute of Music, and one day very soon she will receive her doctorate from the College Conservatory of Music at UC. Still, she is consistently lured away from the classical world by the expressive, soulful wailing made by gypsy and folk clarinetists of Turkey and Eastern Europe, and finds her truest musical self playing original gypsy jazz with the Marmalade Brigade, Cajun and Dixieland with Lagniappe, trance/belly dance with Mayan Ruins, bass clarinet with Strange Creature, and early music with the Noyse Merchants. She maintains a changeling/amphibious lifestyle between the airy heights of a trained classical musician and the watery depths of expressive improvisation.

Laura is also the organizer/impresario for Classical Revolution Cincinnati and teaches private lessons all around the Cincinnati area. Visit her website for more info and upcoming performances: www.cincinnaticlarinet.com