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Guitar lessons are a popular choice for students of all ages and ability levels. The guitar is an instrument that can be played casually or explored to great depths in a variety of styles. CMA offers lessons taught by some of the region’s most experienced and in-demand instructors. CMA works closely with students and families to recommend the right instructor. Our directors consider the teaching style and personality that best serves each student’s needs and goals. Lessons are also available for electric and upright bass, banjo, mandolin, and ukulele. Both acoustic and electric instruments can be used in lessons.

All CMA teachers have a college degree in music. Most instructors have been teaching professionally for more than 10 years.

Lessons for Beginners to Advanced Students:

Cincinnati Music Academy accepts beginners whether students are kids taking their first lessons or adults looking for a new hobby. It is important that beginners work with a teacher who has many years of experience and a track record of successful clients. It shows when students start to gain confidence on the instrument and experience the joy of guitar lessons for the first time!

Since opening in 1997 CMA has eared it’s reputation as the music school for intermediate and advanced guitar instruction. CMA guitar and bass instructors bring decades of study and knowledge to each lesson. Each lesson plan is tailored to the style and needs of the student. Instructors frequently work with students who wish to perform live, prepare for auditions, learn music theory, and make the guitar a serious part of their lives.

Rock, Jazz, Country, Classical, Blues, and More:

Our large and diverse faculty make CMA an ideal place for students with a particular style in mind. Instructors will specialize in several styles that they have performed and taught as part of their career. Students are encouraged to explore different styles and find their musical voice!

Banjo, Mandolin, and Ukulele Lessons:

These other stringed instruments are popular choices in the Guitar Department! Smaller instruments like the ukulele and mandolin are popular choices for children and hobbyists.

More Information:
If you have questions that aren’t answered here, or would like to inquire about the best guitar lessons Cincinnati has to offer for your children or yourself, please write or call (513) 891-7714.

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What we offer:

  • Teachers for kids, teens, & adults
  • Lessons for complete beginners
  • Intermediate & advanced lessons
  • Learn all popular styles
  • Acoustic & electric guitar
  • Electric and upright bass
  • Ukulele, mandolin, & banjo
  • Learn to play with a band
  • Audition prep
  • Music theory on the guitar
  • Composition

Guitar: Faculty

Joel Greenberg

Bass Guitar
Dept. Head
Music Technology

Joel Greenberg has been teaching professionally since 2002. He has developed a unique studio at the Cincinnati Music Academy which includes a large collection of instruments and music … Learn More »

Don Gauck


Don Gauck has been teaching guitar lessons since 1992. He works with students in middle school and older and in most common music styles. In his studio, Don … Learn More »

Max Gise


Originally from Oklahoma, Max Gise has made his home in Cincinnati since 2004. Currently, Max is an adjunct professor at University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM), a … Learn More »

William Harrison is a lifelong musician who has been learning about music his whole life.  From early childhood lessons in piano, voice, and trumpet, to studying music education … Learn More »

Niko Kordalis


Niko works with students of all skill levels. He is great at making the guitar fun for kids and enjoys working with teenagers and adults as well.  He … Learn More »

Michael Kotur has been a career musician for over 35 years. He was born into an extremely musical family. His mother began accompanying her church at age 12, … Learn More »

Matt Wiles

Bass Guitar
Double Bass

Matt has been teaching professionally since 2008. Specializing in bass guitar, upright bass, and music theory, Matt teaches students of all levels from beginner to professional. Matt’s curriculum … Learn More »