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String instruments are a popular choice for their beautiful sound and voice-like quality. Studying violin, viola, cello or bass is a great way to build skills that can a person develop in all sorts of ways. Students can expect to improve their musicality, posture and motor coordination, but there are a number of additional benefits too – students practice perseverance and discipline, and build their memory, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

At the Cincinnati Music Academy Strings Department, we offers lessons on violin, viola, cello, and “upright” string bass, taught by highly qualified faculty who have a passion for teaching, specialized training, and who also perform regularly.

Our students range in age from as young as 3 years old to senior adults, and they range in experience from beginner to advanced. We offer different programs – Suzuki, traditional, and adult – each described below. We are able to teach a variety of musical styles, including classical, jazz, improvisation, bluegrass, and pop.

CMA Suzuki Strings Program:

Our Suzuki program is guided by the core principles of the Suzuki philosophy – a positive and nurturing environment, the belief that every child can learn, and strong community between students, teachers and families. All CMA Suzuki faculty are experienced and certified Suzuki teachers, who have attended formal training through the Suzuki Association of the Americas. We are committed to ongoing training and to innovative and creative teaching. Read more about the Suzuki method here. Within this program, students can begin violin or cello as young as age three.

Students in our Suzuki program enjoy weekly private lessons and regular group classes, along with special events throughout the year, including solo recitals, group concerts and performance opportunities across the city.

Traditional Lessons:

Traditional style lessons are what most people think of when they think of music lessons, best for older students who do not require a great deal of parental involvement as beginners. At CMA, our traditional track of study is for children age 7 and up. Students receive weekly private lessons and commit to daily practice. Students also perform three solo recitals each year.

Adult Lessons:

Our teachers work to create a supportive learning environment for students of all experience levels. We have a growing contingent of adult string students who range in experience from beginners to hobbyists to seasoned players. In addition to weekly lessons, many of our adult students participate in quarterly “soirees” – a performance combined with a potluck meal that helps connects adult students with an interest in music. Some students find others who might be interested in playing duets or other chamber music, and all enjoy a a casual performance opportunity with a friendly community. We also offer an annual adult solo recital opportunity for students.

More Information:
If you have questions that aren’t answered here, or would like to inquire about violin, viola, cello or bass lessons for your children or yourself, please write or call (513) 891-7714.

What’s special about CMA?
CMA is unique from most music schools in that its entire faculty operates independently. Rather than micro-managing each student and studio, CMA gives its teachers the freedom to develop a more personal relationship with students and families. As a result, CMA is home to some of the most experienced and highly regarded private teachers in the region.

The benefit to students is easily apparent. In a field where many inexperienced and unqualified teachers can simply make a website or place an ad to make extra cash on the side, CMA is a school where the teachers have dedicated their careers to music education and take pride in the success of their students.

CMA studios are very spacious, professionally cleaned, and allow seating for family members to observe lessons.

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What we offer:

  • Teachers for kids, teens, & adults
  • Suzuki & Traditional Lessons
  • Lessons for complete beginners
  • Intermediate & advanced lessons
  • Learn pop styles & Improvisation
  • School orchestra & band prep
  • Audition prep
  • Solo Recitals
  • Group Concerts
  • Social functions for adult students
  • Lessons in Spanish and French

Strings: Faculty

Greg Noland

Dept. Head
Suzuki & Traditional Violin, Viola
Suzuki Strings

Greg is a Suzuki-trained teacher, offering both Suzuki and traditional lessons. He has 10 years of teaching experience. Greg works with students and parents to develop each student … Learn More »

Dr. Gustavo Carpinteyro-Lara

Suzuki & Traditional Cello
Suzuki Strings

Being a Suzuki parent, Gustavo Carpinteyro-Lara knows that patience, love and dedication to his own son, are the best way to nurture him. As a teacher, he believes … Learn More »

Olivia Marten

Suzuki Strings

Olivia Marten fell in love with the violin when she started taking Suzuki violin lessons at age 5. She went on to study violin performance at the University … Learn More »

Dominic Mileti

Suzuki & Traditional Violin, Viola
Suzuki Strings

Dominic teaches violin and viola in both Traditional and Suzuki methods. Suzuki method is geared for younger students and parents who want to be involved with lessons and … Learn More »

Jennifer Picard

Suzuki & Traditional Violin, Viola
Suzuki Strings

Jennifer approaches every student as an individual, and finds enjoyment in learning more every day how to make music accessible and fun for each student. Teaching both violin … Learn More »

Michael Ronstadt


CMA welcomes the return of cellist Michael G. Ronstadt to its string faculty. Michael was first with us in 2007-2008 while pursuing a master’s degree in cello from … Learn More »

Matt Wiles

Bass Guitar
Double Bass

Matt has been teaching professionally since 2008. Specializing in bass guitar, upright bass, and music theory, Matt teaches students of all levels from beginner to professional. Matt’s curriculum … Learn More »