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I was introduced to Paul McCready at a really important time in my life. I had trained at a pre-professional level in ballet for my entire childhood, but by high school, I was starting to also dabble in school theatre. After being cast as a lead in the school musical, I realized that music was hugely important to me; I wanted to SING and dance for a living. I needed to … “”

Sydney Morton – Broadway Star, TV actor, and more - Voice

“Joel Greenberg is one of the most influential people in my life, whether he realizes it or not.  By taking guitar lessons from him, he gave me the basis for an entire career in music, which I am currently pursuing.  Joel teaches every lesson with enthusiasm, which in turn made me even more excited.  Joel has prepared me to play in any style and genre of  … “”

Nick P. – Accepted to CCM - Guitar

I’ve been in voice lessons for twelve years. I’m a singer/songwriter working on developing my career in the music industry. I started working with Dave three years ago and what first drew me in was his expertise in several different styles of singing. My background in singing is classical but I sing a lot of pop music. When I compare … “”

Kelsey Mira – Professional Vocalist & Songwriter - Voice

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