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“I love the feeling I have leaving a guitar lesson with Max Gise, positive, upbeat, and I can’t wait to get home and practice. As a working adult student, practice time can be a challenge after working ten hour days, yet when I get started and get that feeling again, I remember why I love the guitar!” … ""

Dave R. - Guitar

“Joel Greenberg is a great teacher. His desire for perfection in rhythm and his focus on practical techniques in guitar lessons helped me to become a proficient player. His teaching methods allow me to progress on my own and work stuff out for myself. Joel embraces the idea of teaching the student how to learn on his own and progress which helps him/her to … ""

James S. - Guitar

You have to know how much the piano lessons at Cincinnati Music Academy have meant to me, and how amazing the program is that you’ve put together. I truly look forward to class every week and get so much inspiration from the soirees as well. My husband had a blast at the potluck. You are an amazing teacher and it’s because of how you teach and your personality … ""

Michelle - Piano

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