Former Piano Student Pursues His Passion for Composition

Daniel Perrea started lessons with CMA piano instructor Brian Batchelor-Glader at age 12. Daniel is now a Sophomore at Arizona State University combining two passions in his studies of Film Production and Music Composition.

Daniel’s love of music began at age two improvising at his mother’s piano. Early musical influences were Cole Porter and Frank Sinatra. His first formal composition was Tranquility for piano written at age 12. Inspired to continue creating music, Daniel began private composition studies with Thomas Haines, music professor at the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, and formal piano lessons with Brian Batchelor-Glader at CMA. Daniel was a pianist with the Walnut Hills High School Jazz Ensemble. He collaborated with the Theatre Department to compose original scores for numerous performances including The Cherry Orchard and Julius Caesar earning two nominations for CAPPIES (Critics and Awards Program) for regional theatre. Since 2016 Daniel has composed more than a dozen pieces. Recorded works include The Cherry Orchard suite for sextet, Caliburn alto saxophone concerto for wind ensemble, Roadrunner suite for piano and cello and Cibola duet for piano and trombone. At present Daniel is working to complete Cityscape: Los Angeles a suite for piano.

Daniel’s first world premiere, Cibola, a duet for piano and trombone, was performed November 11, 2021 at Wright State University.