CMA Drummers Around Town

Drummers are in high demand for bands and ensembles around town and CMA drum instructors are working closely with them on important performance skills. CMA instructor, Jason Smart, describes the importance of the weekly lesson for students who play in bands with friends, school, and church.

“We are trying to take their technical skills and join them with awareness of the groove and locking in with other rhythm section players. Playing in a relaxed manner is important too!”

This advice is common for drummers once they get past the beginner phase and start playing with other musicians. It’s also a skill that is difficult to learn without an instructor present. Xander (above) started taking lessons with Jason Smart in 2015 and is now an active drummer. Xander performs with his rock band Renegade 44 which also includes CMA guitar student Jacob. Renegade 44 plays 80s hits at venues, school dances, and festivals. Xander is also a member of the Walnut Hills Jazz Lab band where he is rounding out his skill set and playing more advanced music.

For more information about drum lessons at CMA please contact us at 513-891-7714 or email