Guitar Lesson Philosophy

Guitar and Ukulele instructor Saul Meyerson-Knox works to personalize his teaching for each individual student.  By evaluating their specific interests, skill level, and pace of learning, Saul develops a unique plan for each student to help them reach their goals and become better musicians.

Young beginner students start by studying formal, classical guitar. This allows them to form the basic skills: correct sitting and posture, reading music, literacy of music terminologies, proper technique, ear training, music theory, and a fundamental grasp of different periods of music history.  However, not all students have to be strictly “classical” musicians.  Once they have a solid understanding of musicianship and guitar technique, many of Saul’s students will also learn to play some rock/pop songs, and also gain the skills necessary to teach themselves new songs.  Saul believes it is important that students learn to appreciate and perform any style of music that interests them, and to gain an understanding of how the guitar can be used in many different musical settings.  Saul also tailors his teaching for adult students based on their individual interests and needs.  Many adult students are interested in learning classical guitar technique and the skills that go along with it, however this is not always the case.  Some students don’t even read music at all and Saul always enjoys working with them on their specific musical interests, whether it be learning blues guitar riffs, or the intro to “Stairway to Heaven”.  Saul strongly believes that each student is an individual and that there is no one-size-fits-all teaching strategy.  The most important thing is that each student is excited about the material, learning new skills, and having fun with their instrument.