Drum Instructor



Devon Leigh

Devon Leigh has been teaching drums and percussion since 2007, and has been playing the drums professionally since the age of sixteen. With many years of private teaching and professional playing experience in a wide array of musical settings, he is well equipped to provide students of all ages and skill levels with the necessary tools they need to thrive on their musical journey, whichever direction that might take.

Devon’s love affair with music started on the piano when he was five years old.  After several years of classical piano lessons, he eventually found and fell in love with the drums at the age of twelve, which ultimately led him to attend the College Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati from 2006-2008 where he received a talent and academic scholarship to major in jazz drums and percussion.  Since then, he has maintained a very active playing and teaching schedule and established himself as one of the most in demand teachers and players in the tri-state area.  He currently plays drums for Just Strange Brothers, All In, Blue Water Kings, the Qtet, the Grace Lincoln Trio, Eclipse Movement, and Spherical Agenda while subbing regularly for various other well known groups around town.  He has also worked as a musical contractor with several musical theater companies and universities over the years.  Devon brings this extensive and diverse real world playing experience to the table in his teaching practice.

As a teacher, Devon prides himself on having an individualistic approach to the art of teaching music.  Over the years he has helped well over a hundred students of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds find and hone their voice on the drums, and through that extensive teaching experience he has learned to effectively adapt his teaching style to the needs of the individual.  His teaching philosophy can be summed up by the axiom, “if you don’t learn the way I teach, I will teach the way that you learn.”  He strives to inspire his students and fan the flames of creativity by providing them with a fun and comfortable learning environment that caters to their individual needs.  By emphasizing fundamentals and drawing from his widespread professional playing experience and educational background, Devon is able to show students tried and true methods for success on the instrument, whether they’re beginners looking to dive in to the exciting world of drumming for the first time, or seasoned veterans interested in sharpening up their skills.