Sisters Stick with Lessons Online and Continue Winning Awards

Staying connected and creating award winning music through virtual learning

Sisters Charlotte and Samantha Geary have once again received awards for their original compositions; this time through the Music Teachers National Association composition competition.  Charlotte, age 13, placed 1st in the state of Ohio and received an Honorable mention in the East Central division for her composition “Siren’s Song.”  Samantha, age 10, placed 1st in the state of Ohio and 1st in the East Central division with her piece “The Bone Dance.”

The big difference this time?  It was all done through Zoom.

Charli and Sammi studied piano and composition with Natasha Pence at the Cincinnati Music Academy for several years until their family relocated to New Jersey in 2019.  Natasha and the Geary family have maintained a close relationship.  Because of their history working together, they knew it was worth giving composition sessions over Zoom a try.  Despite the distance and the pandemic, they were able to create something very special.