Guitar Students Create Virtual Performance Community

It’s been a difficult year for live performances to say the least. Each month has brought more challenges and cancelled concerts. Like professional performers, music students have been turning to virtual mediums to continue their efforts. After all, preparing and performing music is one of the best ways for a musician to improve.

Recently several students have started to record themselves performing and share the videos with other students. This has created a fun outlet for both casual and challenging music. We look forward to seeing this group grow! If you have a video you’d like to share, send it to

Chuck Locy takes lessons with Joel Greenberg. Chuck is always quick with a joke and likes to incorporate a bit of humor into his performances. His video of “Bad Moon Rising” was appropriately timed for Halloween.

“Once the pandemic shut down our open mic venues, we shifted our focus to performing and sharing videos as a way to maintain and learn new skills. ‘Practice with a purpose’ “

Dave Rockett takes lessons with Max Gise. Dave plays a variety of styles and recorded an
impressive solo jazz guitar arrangement.

“No matter the skill level of the performer, think two year old beating an empty coffee can with a big smile, sharing music brings joy to the listener and encouragement to other musicians . Glad to be a part of the CMA community.”

Paul Haffner takes lessons with Joel Greenberg. Paul is a big Grateful Dead fan and is often learning one of their songs while he builds his ever growing repertoire.

“Doing a video and sharing it with friends forces me to focus in on performance quality, practice and, as Joel has often said: ‘The song has a beginning and an end and your job is to get through no matter what.’ You can always do a second take if you really mess up a video versus live performance, but still really good practice.”