Cleaning and Sanitation from System4

Cincinnati Music Academy will be reopening on Monday June 1st. We recognize that not all students are ready to return and will continue to take lessons online. Please contact us or your instructor to determine the best course of action.

Meet Anthony Jones! Anthony and his company, Nu-Look Cleaning has had a System4 Franchise since 2012. In that 8 years Anthony and Nu-Look has become one of System4’s premier service providers, providing exceptional service to a variety of businesses including medical facilities, churches, restaurants, manufacturing companies, and of course the Cincinnati Music Academy, which he has cleaned since 2017.

Anthony and Nu-Look Cleaning are committed to providing a complete cleaning and disinfecting program for the Cincinnati Music Academy, knowing in these times it is paramount. The ownership group at the Academy have worked closely with Anthony and System4 to develop a comprehensive program to ensure all of their students can feel confident that each time they step in the doors of the Academy they are entering a clean and safe environment.

System4 is very fortunate to have a service provider with Anthony and Nu-Look’s commitment to quality, customer care, and cleaning, and feel very strongly that the Cincinnati Music Academy is receiving the absolute best in commercial cleaning with Anthony and Nu-Look.