Classic Guitars (and the People Who Play Them)

Bob Benintendi with a Gretsch White Falcon (left) and Dave Rockett with a Gretsch Country Gentleman (right)

For many guitar players, half the fun of learning the instrument is getting to experience the style and sound of different guitar designs. Decades of electric guitar models and centuries of acoustic craftsmanship have given way to many iconic tones. Matching the guitar, amplifier, and equipment used on a famous recording is like taking a step into the album and can be very inspiring. One of the most recognizable classic guitar makers is Gretsch. The hot rod-inspired designs harken back to 50s and 60s rock and roll and were played by George Harrison, Chet Atkins, Duane Eddy, and Brian Setzer.

On a Friday afternoon there were two such Gretsch guitars in the CMA Guitar Department waiting area being played by students of Max Gise. This rare meeting was the topic of discussion for the rest of the day amongst instructors and students. Many famous recordings and musicians were recalled. It’s always fun to see the waiting area became a gathering place for enthusiasts.

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