Suzuki Strings

When a child learns language, they spend time interacting with others and trying to form sounds and words. Children learn by trying and refining their ability, especially when with their peers. Seeing people they relate to working similarly provides context and builds confidence by showing each child that other children have successes and struggles, just as they do. Group classes are a fundamental component of Suzuki education. Group classes motivate and expose kids to their own potential.

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We offer four Suzuki violin classes: Pre-Twinkle, Book 1, Book 2 and an advanced class. All classes are held on Wednesday evenings.

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Suzuki Strings: Faculty

Greg Noland

Dept. Head
Suzuki & Traditional Violin, Viola
Suzuki Strings

Greg is a Suzuki-trained teacher, offering both Suzuki and traditional lessons. He has 10 years of teaching experience. Greg works with students and parents to develop each student … Learn More »

Dr. Gustavo Carpinteyro-Lara

Suzuki & Traditional Cello
Suzuki Strings

Being a Suzuki parent, Gustavo Carpinteyro-Lara knows that patience, love and dedication to his own son, are the best way to nurture him. As a teacher, he believes … Learn More »

Jennifer Picard

Suzuki & Traditional Violin, Viola
Suzuki Strings

Jennifer approaches every student as an individual, and finds enjoyment in learning more every day how to make music accessible and fun for each student. Teaching both violin … Learn More »

Claire Timmerman

Suzuki & Traditional Violin, Cello
Suzuki Strings

With 11 years of teaching experience, Claire’s diverse musical studies, travels, and innate passion for teaching have led her to have a dynamic and holistic approach as a … Learn More »