CMA Violin Student Awarded Musician of the Month at School

CMA would like to congratulate Nicolas Pujato on being awarded “Musician of the Month” by the Indian Hills Orchestra. Nicolas is in 8th grade and studies violin with Jieun Park in the CMA Strings Department.

In his first lesson, Ms. Park recognized Nicolas’s talent, musicianship, and good ear. Ms. Park developed a curriculum that worked with Nicolas’s strengths and addressed areas where he needed improvement. Most recently, Nicolas is developing techniques related to dynamics and expressiveness to bring out the color and personal voice in his music.

Nicolas’s talent and diligence have lead to impressive progress, and he enjoys playing the violin more and more! His best performances are yet to come, and we are looking forward to his future success in music.

He comes from a musical family: his father is an amateur guitarist and his younger brother, Matias, plays piano. They all take lessons at Cincinnati Music Academy!