Violinist & Certified Alexander Technique Teacher



Jennifer Roig-Francoli

Jennifer Roig-Francolí helps performers of all kinds enjoy artistic mastery with less physical and emotional stress. Her students improve technique and deepen emotional expression while freeing themselves from pain, tension, and performance anxiety.

A professional violinist and certified Alexander Technique teacher, Jennifer teaches The Art of Freedom® and the Alexander Technique at UC-CCM, the Cincinnati Music Academy, and online at www.ArtofFreedom.me.

Jennifer has appeared multiple times as a soloist at Carnegie Hall, and with orchestras such as the Pittsburgh and Berlin Symphony Orchestras, the Ibiza (Spain) Symphony Orchestra, and the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland. She has served as acting Concertmaster of the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra and Apollo’s Fire, the Cleveland Baroque Orchestra. She currently performs and records regularly with Apollo’s Fire on baroque violin.

As a young violinist, Jennifer studied with Shinichi Suzuki in Japan, Nathan Milstein in Switzerland, David Cerone at the Cleveland Institute of Music, and Josef Gingold and Stanley Ritchie at Indiana University. She won numerous competitions as a teenager and was featured in TIME Magazine.

A world leader in the field of Alexander Technique (AT) for musicians, Jennifer has founded two professional organizations for AT teachers in Ohio, conducted and published medical research on AT with surgeons, and teaches workshops internationally. Jennifer’s music and teaching can be experienced on her YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/JenniferRoigFrancoli