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David Urbon

Raised in Los Angeles, David Urbon earned his Bachelor of Music from California State University at Northridge and went on for a Master of Music in Vocal Performance degree from University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.

He has performed extensively throughout the United States (including performances at Lincoln Center), in Western Europe and in Japan. David has a wide range of abilities and repertoire, including opera, musical theater, popular music and rock and roll.

For many years, Urbon has performed in roles for Cincinnati Opera and has participated in their professional chorus.

David appreciates and loves to teach many musical styles, including Pop, Gospel, Jazz, Broadway, and Opera.

He now lives in Fort Thomas, KY with his son Jonathon.

What People are saying about David…

“I started lessons with David over three years ago. I had started singing in public as an adult, and found I’d better learn proper technique, or my voice wouldn’t last!
Part voice teacher, part therapist, David cheered and encouraged me – and helped me stick with it while I struggled with stage fright and self-doubt. Way past a bucket list by this point, I was singing in public as part of a band, knowing that as a mature adult it was fine to fall flat on my face, because heck, I didn’t need to do it to pay my rent! I still get nervous before performing. But I eventually began to see, through David’s patient guidance, that my biggest critic was looking at back at me in the mirror!” –Nancy

“David Urbon generously fit me into his busy lesson schedule for just a couple of months as I was preparing for a leading role in a high school musical. Having had little technical experience with singing, Mr. Urbon balanced the time perfectly to work on my songs and teach me the basics of singing that transformed my performance and my understanding of voice. I have come from his lessons a far better singer, artist, instrumentalist, and performer. And I thoroughly enjoyed every lesson along the way! He is a dedicated, fun, constructive, helpful, caring, talented, and inspiring teacher!” Emma

“I learned so much more about voice in 2 1/2 years with David than I ever thought I could learn in a lifetime. I remember after my very first lesson feeling like my voice had already improved. All my teachers in the past were only concerned about sounding “pretty” when singing a song; no one ever told me anything about emotions or feeling the meaning of the song. With David, he taught me that you have to truly feel the emotions of a song to reach your full potential. He taught me that singing is so much more than just sounding “pretty.” David turns singers into performers, and I think that’s something that a lot of teachers don’t focus on. When I came to my first lesson with David, I had a very weak chest voice. I’ll never forget that feeling of belting a high E flat for the first time and knowing that the only reason why I could do that was because of my incredibly gifted teacher. If someone were to ask me what was the best decision of my life, I would say deciding to take voice lessons from David Urbon. I owe all of my success in singing to him, and I am forever grateful.” –Kelly

“David was my first voice teacher I ever studied with. He instills confidence and he helps bring out the bigger voice you probably have hiding somewhere inside of you. David helped me prepare for my first actual audition outside of my own high school. I got the part!” –Beau C

“I worked with David my junior and senior year of high school. He was essential in helping me develop a strong technical core while sprinkling in stylistic options to span every genre. His knowledge of classical technique and his ear for style was helpful in learning all types of music including Italian arias, musical theatre, pop, rock, and country songs. My training with David was integral in keeping me safe and healthy during rigorous summers as a singer at Kings Island. He helped me prepare for college auditions and after four years of training as a musical theatre major at Wright State University, I moved to New York and have been working as a professional actor and singer. Recent regional credits include 42nd Street, Fiddler on the Roof, The Drowsy Chaperone, A Wonderful Life, and Legally Blonde as well as two contracts as a singer on Holland America Cruise Lines.” –Eric

“I can’t say enough great things about the Cincinnati Music Academy and about my daughter’s voice teacher, David Urbon. What I appreciate the most is his ability to listen and appreciate my daughter’s goals and to devise a plan that specifically targets those goals. His background in music is multi-faceted/versatile, which is great because my daughter is interested in many styles of singing. David’s knowledge of music is impressive but he has the ability to simplify and explain things in a way that helps her to understand and appreciate the technique. She always leaves a lesson learning something new…that’s a great thrill for her! David appreciates her interest in all types of music and never pushes her to work on a piece that doesn’t suit her style and personality. As a parent, I appreciate the learning and love that my daughter has for music and we owe that in large part to David Urbon.” –Michelle

“David has been by far the best voice teacher in my adult career. Knowing my goals as a singer and a performer, he worked with me from day one to help me reach and exceed those goals. As a singer and performer in Cincinnati, he prepared for me auditions as well as performances. He is one of the best voice teachers in the area!” –Christina

“As someone who loves musical theater, but is an incredibly shy singer, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to perform a song on stage. Then I met David. His teaching style is inventive, always showing me new ways to tap into my voice. And he creates such a comfortable studio environment that I’d never feel embarrassed to sing louder, higher, or brighter than ever before. No matter what goals you have for your voice, his technical knowledge and relatable spirit can guide you there. I’m a commercial producer and an independent film producer living in Los Angeles.” Stephanie

“I first came to David with no formal musical background. I came purely for the love of singing. Though it took me a while to get the courage to seek vocal training, I soon realized that it was one of the best experiences and choices I have made in my life.

David really helped me to understand that singing is a technique that can be taught and developed through hard work and practice. When I first started I was almost never on pitch. I had a problem with that, but after continued lessons my pitch trouble dissipated and I was able to hear the note and hit the note. It just became second nature. One lesson would lead to another and it seemed that songs that were once difficult to sing became very doable. David’s vocal training strengthened my love of singing. My voice became stronger and I became more confident.

Now I sing with my boyfriend who plays guitar. We’ll do open mikes together around town, play for family and friends and learn new songs to cover. I also almost never miss an opportunity to sing on a karaoke night. The knowledge and strength that I gained through vocal training is a lifelong gift. I make a point to utilize the tools David taught me to keep my voice strong.” –Whitney

“My greatest accomplishment was singing at my graduation on the jumbo-tron at Xavier University. I truly believe without David’s training I would have never made it that far. I would still be the thirteen year old girl singing not really knowing how to and not realizing the potential I really had. David’s training was seriously one of the best things I could have ever done for myself. Not only did he improve my singing but he taught me techniques to keep going and improving on my own. Of course the singing part is extremely important but David taught me you can sing the heck out of a song but if there is no feeling you are simply boring. Through our lessons he had brought these feelings to the surface and taught me how to incorporate these feelings into my songs. This is why I got to be the last voice of the 2013 graduating class of Amelia High School, and I thank him for it everyday.”

“As Stephanie’s mother, I agree with her and I would also say that another of her accomplishments was getting the lead in her senior play, Fame. She played Carmen and with David’s teaching and help was able to sing in Spanish and also perform in a way that she never had the courage or know how to do prior to her lessons. David taught Stephanie so much regarding voice exercises, feeling the way a song should be sung and also about performing in front of audiences and getting their attention. I know as Stephanie’s mother, it was a very proud and emotional moment when I got to see her perform in her Senior play and then sing in front of 2000 people at her graduation. David has taught her so much and she continues to grow with the information she learned from him everyday and we know that she can always count on David to be there if she needs him for anything.

With David’s help, Stephanie was able to do the following:
Only singer at Xavier University for Graduation Class of 2013 Amelia High School
Lead Role Senior play-Fame at Amelia High School
Cast of Hairspray with Cincinnati Music Theater at the Aronoff Center in Cincinnati
Lead Role Junior play-Changing minds at Amelia High School
Cast of Legally Blonde with Theater in the Loop, Cincinnati, OH
Auditioned and sang in Idol tryouts for Blue Ash
Auditioned for the Voice twice and got a call back both times
Auditioned for American Idol, made it to 2nd round
Auditioned for America’s Got Talent

“My name is Kelsey and I’ve been in voice lessons for twelve years. I’m a singer/songwriter working on developing a career in the music industry. I started working with Dave two years ago and what first drew me in was his expertise in several different styles of singing. My background in singing is classical but I sing a lot of pop music. When I compare Dave to the other vocal coaches I’ve had, I’ve learned more in two years with him than all the years combined in vocal lessons. I’ve learned many new techniques with Dave. Whenever I come into a lesson with a challenging piece or vocal issue, I’m always confident he’ll know exactly how to help me make my vocal performance exemplary, and he has never failed me. I’ve grown as a singer and artist since the first lesson with Dave and I’m so grateful to have started working with him. I highly recommend him as a vocal coach!”