All Cincinnati Music Academy Voice Department students receive an additional 45 hours of Performance Classes and 45 hours of Technique Classes per year at no additional charge. If you would like to observe a class please email voice@cincinnatimusicacademy.com

Voice Performance Classes

Undoubtedly, the best companion to your private lessons that we can offer, and this venue happens to be Audrey Causilla’s specialty. By becoming a regular at performance class you will:

  • Learn to apply your vocal technique to varied music
  • Develop stage deportment skills
  • Understand the importance of musical conventions to a satisfactory performance
  • Get to hear your repertoire played by a professional accompanist
  • Learn more about effective interaction with an accompanist
  • Learn how to enhance the text of a piece through effective singing phonetics/emotion
  • Become more audition-ready!!!!

Voice Technique Classes

These classes deal with common technical problems in a group setting. You may observe without participating in actual vocalization if you wish, we try to be sensitive to those who are not experienced in this particular venue and work them in slowly. These classes are wonderful from the simple standpoint that we all must deal with the same issues regarding singing no matter how “green” or advanced we are. Frequently, realizations about one’s own technique occur at these forums that we would be hard-pressed to recreate in a private lesson. Sometimes we have singers sing a part of a piece in these sessions but primarily they are “discovery through vocalization”.

Administrated by: Paul McCready, David Urbon, and Margaret Breidenbaugh


Send your reservation to voice@cincinnatimusicacademy.com

Please include:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Which class you are attending
  • Piece you are singing
  • School you attend
  • Private instructor

Bring a recording device or a way to take notes


  • Go through CMA’s new entrance at the center of the building
  • Go through Main Waiting Area down hall by the restrooms
  • Turn left at the back hallway and enter Room 107 (McCready Voice Studio)
  • Parents may choose to observe classes (if there is room) or use one of the other waiting areas at CMA




Voice: Faculty

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