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Cheryl Couch

Cheryl Maxine Couch is a theatre director, actress, writer, teacher, and private drama coach with over thirty-six years of professional experience. Cheryl earned her B.F.A in 1980 for Theatre at the University of Montevallo and a M.F.A in 1990 for Theatre Directing at the University of Cincinnati CCM. In her work with the Alabama Art Council, The Whole Package, Ohio Arts Council, Raymond Walter’s Kids Camp, School of the Creative and Performing Arts, California Theatre Center, Overture Academy, Playhouse in The Park, and AAAE, Cheryl has taught students of all ages the best ways to improve their theatre knowledge. She taught students theatre skills, such as; drama, clowning, mime, mask performance, character movement, and improvisation. Most rewarding is collaborating with classroom teachers to develop new ways of working on academic elements.

Much of her work is in developing new scripts or directing plays by emerging playwrights. As a former member & co-founder of Intuition Theatre Company, she developed and performed original material such as The Singing Lemon Sisters. Cheryl has also directed plays such as The Odyssey, How I Got That Story, Jungle Book, and Transformations. In the past she was a member of the local women’s writing collective: Women’s Theatre of Cincinnati working on script development, and also as co-director of improvisational writing and actress on such worked as Nobody’s Perfect. More recently, Couch can be found working at the Cincinnati Acting Studio Academy (CASA) where she has done work as a core teacher. She assists

In 1990, Cheryl received an M.F.A at the University of Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music in directing where she directed works by contemporary and classic playwrights such as Langford Wilson & George Bernard Shaw. In the past few years Cheryl has helped develop and direct such new works as A Grey Matter, Suits Me Fine, and Prankster. Cheryl has taught children’s and adult’s classes at the Cincinnati Playhouse in The Park, Northern Kentucky University, and The School of Creative and Performing Arts as well as Hyde Park Elementary and St. Mary’s in Hyde Park, to name a few. When Cinergy as part of the Overture Awards sponsored a week long Overture Academy, Cheryl coordinated and taught the theatre division for the first two years. Cheryl has performed improvisational theatre with Fairview Impromptu Band and Whit’s End. Cheryl just returned from Edinburgh, Scotland, where she performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to premiere her new show My Grandmother’s Chair. As a devoted mother of growing boys, Cheryl is dedicated to the belief that the arts are intended to be an illumination of the best humanity has to offer!

“The most exciting part of working in schools is getting to work with the teachers and students, putting our heads together to come up with something unique. As the granddaughter of a one room school teacher I believe, as my grandmother did, that learning is a shared experience and it continues if we work to contribute our part to the whole. I look forward to working with you to fulfill your classroom standards offering my part as an artist.”- Cheryl Maxine Couch

Ms. Couch’s goal is not only to train the whole actor, but to train the whole person; equipping students with communication skills that will be useful throughout their lives.